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Aluminium Bubble Foil
Aluminium Bubble Foil
Aluminium Bubble Foil
Aluminium Bubble Foil
Aluminium Bubble Foil
Aluminium Bubble Foil
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Specification of Aluminium Bubble Foil

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Aluminium Bubble Foil

Roofing Bubble Aluminium Foil

Bubble Shine Foil / Roofing in use for roof dampening heat and sound from roof of the house, factory. Made of thermo-cellular thermo fiber-cellular thermo 4.00 mm thick consisting of single small polyethylene bubbles, can reflect 96.97% sun exposure, easy in pairs , permanent and durable.

In production by an ISO 9002 Certified Factory, maintenance free maintenance, can control condensation and humidity, can reduce indoor temperature fluctuations, save on air conditioning cost, not easily damaged, non-toxic, outdoor, fireproof class A & class 0. Safe for the environment prevents the growth of bacteria / fungi.

Aluminum Foil Consist of various kinds:                                           

1. Bubble Foil: Eco Lite, XP Foil, Medium, Premium: 4 mm (1.2 mx 25 m)                         

2. Thermal / Foam: 3mm, 4mm.6mm, 8 mm (1.2 mx 25 m)                                       

3. Foam Foil : 1 mm, 2 mm. ( 1 m x 100 m )                                                   

4. Single Woven SF Single, Double Double, Single XP, Double SP (1.2 mx 50 m)                  

5. Single & Double Foam Alu : 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20 mm. (1 m x 25 m)

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